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Submarine pipeline (Dung Quat Refinery , Quang Ngai, Vietnam)

Top) Overview of launchway for laying of submarine pipeline
Bottom) Offshore pipeline pulling winch barge
Dung Quat Economic Zone, Quang Ngai, Vietnam
[Project Owner]
End User : Vietnam Oil and Gas Corporation (PETROVIETNAM)
Main Contractor : Technip /JGC Corporation / Tecnicas Reunidas Consortium

Submarine pipeline (Dung Quat Refinery , Quang Ngai, Vietnam)

Dung Quat Oil Refinery is the first oil refinery in Vietnam operated by Vietnam Oil and Gas Corporation (PETROVIETNAM). These submarine pipelines constructed for supplying the crude oil to refinery from Tanker(VLCC) through the single point mooring buoy located at 3km offshore.

Characteristic of Pipeline
Dia.: 30” (762mm)
Length:  submarine 3,200m x 2 lines and onshore 800m x 2 lines
Water depth: Max. 30m

Two lines of parallel submarine pipelines were laid by the bottom pulling method as follows:
(1) construct launching yard at the coast, and install pipe traveling roller, welding stations, inspection station, antic-corrosion coating station, etc.;
(2) Anchor a pulling barge equipped with a 300 M. tons pulling force winch at 4 km off the shore;
(3) lay the pulling wire (dia.76mm) on the seabed from pipe launching yard to pulling winch on the barge along the pipeline route;
(4) On the launching yard, butt weld 12-meter-long pipes (two lines), perform X-ray inspections for welding, apply anti-corrosion coatings & thermal insulation to the welded areas of the pipes, and mount temporary floating buoys to reduce the pulling force on the pipes;
(5) Pull out welded pipes 12m from the launching yard toward offshore by winding wire pulling winch on the barge;
(6) Pull the pipes on the seabed until the top ends of the pipes reach the specified position (3.2 km off shore) by repeating operations (4) and (5); and
(7) Remove temporary floating buoys, and backfill the pipeline.