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Long-distance gas pipeline SSWJ (Southern Sumatra/Western Java, Indonesia)

Gas pipeline extending about 500 km from southern Sumatra to western Java.
Southern Sumatra to western Java, Indonesia
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PT. Perusahaan Gas Negara (PGN)

SSWJ (South Sumatra-West Java Gas Pipeline) Project

Jakarta City and West Java, which is the most populated and industrial area in Indonesia, was supplied with fuel gas mainly by an offshore gas field in the Java Sea. However, the production output of these offshore gas fields has tended to decrease due to the recent drop in reserves, and there were concerns about a gas supply shortage in the near future. In this project, in order to ensure a stable gas supply for the area, a gas pipeline of about 500 km was laid from the Pa-gar DeWa gas field in southern Sumatra to Serpong in western Java.
JFE Engineering was involved in constructing an on-land trunk line in Sumatra which has a pipeline of 32 inches in diameter and 270 km in length. For the pipe-laying work, the spread construction method was applied, in which large-size construction machinery is lined up in tandem and a series of operations of digging of trench, pipe laying, welding, inspection, anti-corrosion coating and backfilling is continuously performed. Special construction methods were also adopted for various areas which presented obstacles, including Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) for river crossings, Thrust Boring for road crossings, and Push and Pull for swampy areas. This project was completed in 2008 and has continually supplied 275 MMSCFD of natural gas to western Java.