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LNG tank (Incheon, South Korea)

The Incheon LNG receiving terminal of KOGAS: Additionally constructed two underground storage tanks
Incheon City (reclaimed area), South Korea
*Expansion work in existing receiving terminal yard in Incheon basement
[Project Owner]
Korea Gas Corporation (KOGAS)
*Tokyo Gas Engineering Co., Ltd. (TGE) was participating in this project as a consultant to the owner.

Incheon LNG underground tank project
Inchon LNG Receiving Terminal 4th Expansion Project (Tanks #19 and #20)

The LNG receiving terminal was constructed in Incheon, about 30 km west of Seoul. It is the KOGAS’s main LNG receiving terminal along with the Pyeongtaek LNG receiving terminal. Ten aboveground storage tanks and four underground storage tanks are already in operation, and four additional underground storage tanks are under construction. This fourth-phase expansion project was the final package in which two underground storage tanks were to be constructed.
JFE Engineering undertook the detailed design, including steel roofs, suspension decks, tank-equipped nozzles, pump barrels, suspension deck cooling, nozzle cooling, heater equipment (basic design only), and auxiliary equipment (roof stage, LNG pump lifting unit, fluid collector, disaster prevention equipment, etc.), and construction supervision services.