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Decentralized type water supply (Brisbane, Australia)

Queensland, Australia

Decentralized water resource supply system project

This project is a demonstration experiment for a decentralized type water resource supply system which uses roof rainwater and road surface rainwater as raw water to supply both for drinking and reclaimed water. The site for the demonstration experiment is the Fitzgibbon Housing Development Area in the city of Brisbane situated in Southeast Queensland, Australia, and its development area stretches across 295 hectares. It is estimated that this project will establish a system capable of supplying 40% of the area’s water demand.
The treatment equipment to be constructed includes a facility for transforming roof rainwater into potable water and a facility for producing potable water from reclaimed water ( Australia’s scope) made from road surface rainwater as raw water (pilot plant). The construction of the plant is already complete, and its demonstration operation is planned to begin. The proposed system, which cyclically uses rainwater in the urban area as a water resource, is the first attempt of its kind in the area. Risk assessments of water quality in particular are conducted in collaboration with local organizations in concern.
The population of Southeast Queensland is projected to increase in the future, and the area is facing issues of water saving and securing a new water supply system. This project is expected to achieve a stable water supply and water saving in the area and contribute to the provision and cyclical use of water resources by establishing a supplementary relationship with existing centralized water resource supply systems, such as dams.