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Bioethanol Producing Plant in Thailand

Top: The sugar mill where the pilot plant is installed. The mill receives up to 30,000 tons of sugarcane per day.
Bottom: The pilot plant installed in the mill. The equipment on the right performs pretreatment such as washing and sulfuric acid decomposition.

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NEDO and the Thai Government (Ministry of Industry)

Pilot Project to verify bioethanol manufacturing technology

Together with Tsukishima Kikai Co., Ltd., JFE Engineering Corporation has been conducting pilot tests to verify the next-generation technology to produce bioethanol from bagasse (a byproduct of sugar production) which is currently unused and is thus disposed of. Bioethanol is expected to replace the fossil fuels that are dominantly used in transportation sectors at present. The pilot plant was installed in an existing sugar mill at Saraburi, Thailand.
The two companies aim to develop a bioethanol production system that can be commercialized and competitive. For that purpose, JFE has employed all the EPC expertise we have gained through our experience in designing and building oil and gas processing plants, while Tsukishima has provided their originally developed Bioethanol Producing Process with Enzyme Method.